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2022 Arva Airbag Reactor Tour 25 Ultralight

2022 Arva Airbag Reactor Tour 25 Ultralight

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Lighter than ever!

The 2022 TOUR 25 Ultralight REACTOR is designed for backcountry enthusiasts looking for an ultra-lightweight avalanche airbag backpack that doesn’t sacrifice functionality on an all-day tour.


Designed for “Fast & Light” alpine adventures, the TOUR 25 UL REACTOR avalanche airbag backpack will serve you well for the most intense, physically grueling tours you have planned while still equipped with our REACTOR technology, the lightest, most compact high-performance airbag system on the market.

The revolutionary TOUR 25 UL REACTOR reflects ARVA’s vast experience in designing avalanche airbag backpacks. We broke with established norms to produce an extremely lightweight pack that does not skimp on function and safety.

Saving weight is not the only challenge that the TOUR 25 UL REACTOR overcame. With its unique aerated mesh structure, this pack fits like a glove, providing unparalleled freedom of movement.

The elastic pockets placed on the waist belt provide immediate access to essentials like your gloves, beanie, skins, water bottle, or sun glasses. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can grab what you need!

Don’t worry about carrying your skis, snowboard, an ice axe or two, we planned for everything!

Choosing whether or not to take an avalanche airbag backpack on an outing has never been so easy. Now it’s a no-brainer!

Warning: Cartridge not included

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